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Matt's Maker Challenge

Thank you to all the participants!

In September - October local area classrooms from Kindergarten through 5th grade participated in Matt's Maker Challenge. Each classroom was challenged to build a Rube Goldberg machine designed to pop a balloon, film the machine activated and popping the balloon and submit the video. Winners were chosen based on the machines that best exemplified joy, creativity, and curiosity. Each winning class was awarded $2,000 to support Making in their classroom and was invited, along with their families, to a special Family Night and awards ceremony at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. 

Congratulations to our Winners!

Mendon Elementary- First Grade-

Propel East- Second Grade-

Logan Elementary- Third Grade-

East Union Intermediate Center- Third Grade-

Propel Braddock Hills- Third Grade-

George Washington Intermediate- Fourth Grade- 

Hoover Elementary- Fifth Grade-

Avalon Elementary- Fifth Grade-

Paynter Elementary- Fifth Grade-

Stay tuned for future challenges!