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Fred Rogers sitting on the steps of a yellow train car holding a red toy trolley

Fred Rogers & Us

Fred Rogers is a beloved icon for Pittsburgh and has been a bedrock for Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh since its inception – as an advisor, a mentor and a friend. We believe it’s important to continue to memorialize Fred’s wonderful and meaningful work, as well as help today’s children and families better relate to his many invaluable messages.

Today you can find these iconic items from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood in the Children's Museum:

Original Puppets from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
King Friday XIII, Queen Sarah Saturday, Henrietta Pussycat, X the Owl, Lady Elaine Fairchilde, Daniel Striped Tiger and Gran Pere greet you as you enter the Nursery exhibit.

Mister Rogers’ Sweater
Located in MAKESHOP
Did you know that Fred Rogers' mother knitted him the iconic sweater that he changed into each episode?  In this spirit of making, one of the original sweaters is on display outside of MAKESHOP, a place where you can learn to sew, build, craft and more.

Mister Rogers’ Sneakers
Fred’s iconic blue canvas sneakers that were a part of his transition into the world of make-believe can be found in the Attic.

Photographs of Fred Rogers by Lynn Johnson
Located in the Big Red Room Cafe


In 1998, the Children’s Museum, along with Fred Rogers and his company Family Communications, Inc. (FCI), created the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood exhibit. The exhibit welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors for almost 10 years, both children who loved the imaginative set pieces and adults who recalled their love of the television show as children.  A sister exhibit traveled to other museums across the country for more than eight years, making friends and good neighbors for Pittsburgh wherever it went.  At the end of its tour, in the spirit of Mister Rogers, the traveling exhibit was given to the Louisiana Children’s Museum, whose facility had been devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else. – Fred Rogers

In 2007, we created the How People Make Things exhibit in collaboration with FCI to tell the story of how everyday items are manufactured, inspired by the factory tour segments from the "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood" television series.  This exhibit continues to tour to museums across the country.

In October 2011, we refurbished many of the exhibit components from the Neighborhood and integrated them throughout all three floors of the Children’s Museum.

In August 2015, we took down King Friday’s Castle and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Trolley, which both were showing wear from the attention of many children over the years.

In June 2016, we opened a new exhibit on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: A Grr-ific Exhibit in partnership with The Fred Rogers Company, based on "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood," the first TV series inspired by the original "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood" series.  By bringing the world and characters of this award-winning animated series to life in an interactive exhibit, the important messages of Fred Rogers continue to be expressed to children and families in fun, imaginative ways.  This exhibit will begin touring February 2017; learn more here.

We all need to feel that we have gifts to give that are acceptable and valued. - Fred Rogers