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Making Spaces

Expanding Maker Education Across the Nation

The Making Spaces Program is a partnership between Maker Ed and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh designed to develop leadership around maker education and build the foundation for lasting community change. Through Making Spaces, Maker Ed and the Children's Museum provide tools, resources, experience, expertise to a network of Regional Hubs and participating educational sites. 

Making Spaces employs an innovative model in which 5-10 Regional Hubs partner with nearby educational sites (schools, libraries, museums and community organizations). The Regional Hubs provide the sites with the support to jumpstart and sustain maker education in learning environments through professional development, tools, resources, and community engagement. See the program details here.   

Interested in becoming a Making Spaces Hub in Cohort 4? 

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Application closes October 31, 2019.

Since 2016, the Making Spaces program has reached 21 Hubs (see list here), almost 200 schools, 350 educators, and an estimated 26,000 youth.