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Making Spaces

Expanding Maker Education Across the Nation

To encourage the growing demand for maker education, GoogleMaker Ed and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh have formed a partnership, Making Spaces: Expanding Maker Education Across the Nation, that uses an innovative model to assist schools sustainably integrate making into the classroom.  

The model involves providing schools with maker education expertise from a nearby museum, library, school district or community organization, known as a “hub.”  Ten hubs across the country, of which the Children's Museum is one, each collaborate with 5-10 schools to help them launch crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for their makerspaces, as well as provide guidance to help each school hone their approach to implementing maker education.  The Museum will also provide the schools with professional development to support educators in creating productive maker spaces and programs.  

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh piloted a year-long run of a similar program in 2015-2016 with 10 schools in Southwestern Pennsylvania that collectively raised more than $100,000 to launch maker education in their schools. Based on lessons learned during this pilot phase, the Museum designed a Toolkit to help train them to create crowdfunding campaigns.  All participating schools receive the toolkit, as well as online professional development modules for educators designed by Maker Ed.

The schools in the Pittsburgh region that particpated in the 2017/2018 year were:

The 2016/2017 hubs were:

Read the full Making Spaces: Expanding Maker Education Across the Nation press release here.