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EQT Water Week

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August 7, 2017

Explore, create, experiment and get wet! 

Activities throughout the Museum will be focused on the wonders of water:

All Week

  • Challenge your skills! Join us in Waterplay where our ice table will turn into a frozen excavation site and work together to chip and melt dinosaurs out of frozen blocks of ice.

  • Come to the Studio and explore water as a medium! Experiment with watercolor paints and watch how they move across the page.  What will you make?

  • Add water elements to the carnival games we're creating in MAKESHOP! How can we add motion, create challenge, or otherwise enhance our designs by using water?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Stop by the Studio in the afternoon to see what happens when we add pigment to water and create fabric dye! How will the dye change the fabric? Can we control where the water touches the fabric?

  • 1pm- 2pm Enjoy the sunshine in the Backyard and experience the science behind plant water filters then use recycled materials to create your own.

Tuesday, Thursday

  • 1pm- 2pm Treat yourself to a refreshing glass of water flavored by fresh fruits and herbs.


  • 11am-2pm Join us in Buhl Park to make a Water Week Splash with good old fashion summer time water fun.  Enjoy the sun as you run through sprinklers, throw around a beach ball or lounge by the pool.

Water Week activites are brought to you in partnership with EQT Foundation.