Children's Museum

10 am–5 pm Daily; Closed on July 4 (Wed)

A cardboard drawing machine created by Robert Zacharias.

Guest Maker: Robert Zacharias


September 24, 2017

Join Tough Artist Robert Zacharias in building a large drawing machine inspired by the iconic Etch A Sketch. Together, we'll use laser cut cardboard pieces and pulleys to learn how an Etch A Sketch works and to explore horizontal and vertical movement. Once we build the machine, we'll use it to make collaborative drawings!

Don't forget to check out Robert Zacharias's artwork Drawn Together. Taking inspiration from the classic Etch A Sketch toy, this piece encourages collaboration and interaction between two visitors to create a digital drawing. Find it outside of the Garage!

The Tough Artist Residency program challenges artists and audiences to rethink their ideas of interactive museum experiences in one of the toughest venues – a children’s museum. Participating artists learn how their artworks connect with visitors outside of the typical museum environment, and what it takes to create artwork that can sustain the rigors of a hands-on environment.