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Early Bird Feels: Wishes!

Early Learning Program

January 3, 2021

Let's celebrate the new year by making wishing wands and casting our new wishes out into the world. What will you wish for?

Early Bird Feels is a virtual program designed for learners ages 3-6 and their caregivers to encourage socialization, bonding and mindfulness through hands-on processes that inspire exploration and a connection with the world around us.

Gather these materials you can find in your home for this session:

  • Small stick, suitable for a child-sized wand
  • Cardboard
  • Yarn, string or ribbon
  • Crayons or markers
  • Materials for decorating such as colorful paper, tissue, natural treasures, bells, beads
  • Optional: star-shaped cookie cutter for tracing


$10.00 for non-members

$5.00 for members

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh believes that cost should never be a barrier to experiences that inspire joy, creativity, and curiosity.  If this event is cost prohibitive, please reach out to for scholarship information.