Lee Robinson

Lee Robinson has been an active participant on the Pittsburgh jazz scene for over 35 years, concentrating his energy on playing tenor and soprano saxophones, which he considers his musical voices. As an experimenter, Lee has collaborated with poets, actors, visual artists and a computer programmer for a variety of exciting projects. Along with his amazing talented group “ISKA”, they provide powerful performances that transport their listeners on a multi-dimensional musical journey through jazz styles of, contemporary funk, classical and original compositions.

art at the museum

Lee has been performing at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh for over 15 years, making him a timeless musician enjoyed for generations. Not only has he performed with his band, Iska Band, every year for the annual Count Down to Noon celebration, but he’s given musical field trip presentations and instrument making workshops. Lee is most known by visitors for his monthly roaming jazz performances filling the exhibits with music.

Lee Robinson & Iska Band, Countdown to Noon, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, 2017, Video Credit: Dorrie Smith Productions

Other Works

Hugh 50 Birthday Concert James Brown’s Sticky, 2017

Riverview Grazin’ in the Grass, 2016, Video Credit: Dorrie Smith Productions

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