How many chickens do you weigh? How tall are you in apples or inches or pennies? Can you use your foot as a ruler? Explore nonstandard ways to measure yourself and objects using items such as balancing scales, odometers, calipers, 3-D imaging and counting “Mississippis.”

Hands-on Components

  • Measure yourself in apples or pennies
  • Get walking and add to the total yards we’ll calculate visitors walked on our exhibit treadmill
  • Tinker with instruments such as calipers, height gauges and go/no-go gauges to explore ways to measure an ordinary wooden ball. Toss the balls down the chutes to test your finding
  • How good is your internal clock? Count to five Mississippi and see how close you come to five actual seconds
  • Find out how many chickens you weigh at the Chicken Scale!
  • Extend a Giant Tape Measure and measure the equally giant fish on our wall mural
  • Build your own ball ramp and modify it to make it faster or slower
  • See yourself built in cubic-inch blocks as you stand in front of a special screen
  • Explore volume at an open-ended Bead Table
  • Balance objects and standard weights on a large balance scale