Artists of today create both on canvas and paper as well as on tablets and screens. In these eight new works, Jordan Wong (WONGFACE) explores the convergence and interplay between these two approaches to inspire others with new ideas of artmaking.

Jordan is enthralled with the Ultimate Self. What is it, actually? Does this ideal version of ourselves truly exist? If so, how do we unlock our fullest potential? Through fantastical imagery, personally crafted iconography, and tongue-in-cheek philosophical references to Taoism, Dualism/Nondualism, and other schools of thought, Jordan explores and encourages ideas on how to grow as a person and level up. These contemplations result in Jordan’s practice being not confined to  one particular medium or process, but instead envisioning any and all possibilities when it comes to creating.

See the artwork on display

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First Floor:

  • Xiao Hu Miao II, 2024
  • BOOM x BOOM, 2024
  • Lucky Rabbit, 2023
  • PLAY x FLOW, 2024

Second Floor:

  • Dreamland (Tutorial Lvl.), 2024
    • 1 FL – 2 FL stairwell landing
  • Tao, 2023

Third Floor:

  • WONDER x WONDER, 2024
  • Everything x Nothing, 2024

Special thank you to Laurie Myers and Ken Knabe, Sam J. Lucci III, Lu-in Wang, and other individual donors for their direct support of the artist and help in bringing this exhibition to life.