Through January 7, 2024

Explore Wobbleland, an interactive collection of giant soft-sculpture fruits and vegetables that offers creative discoveries for toddlers and young children, and will visually delight all ages.

Each sculpture invites its young audience to explore challenges such as stacking, spinning, sorting and rocking.  Toddlers use play to understand the world around them and develop important skills as they interact with each food sculpture.

The fruit and vegetables in Wobbleland are inspired by the idea of common, healthy foods, already cut for toddlers to eat.

Hands-on Components

Explore these interactive components:
  • Orange Seed Sorter – Take orange “seed” balls and drop them into holes throughout an orange big enough to sit in
  • Avocado Seesaw – Teeter an avocado slice in the form of a classic playground piece with a spinning seed in the middle
  • Watermelon Boat – Climb aboard a refreshing nine-foot rowboat
  • Cheese Slice – Crawl into or sit on a wedge of Swiss cheese, complete with kid-sized holes
  • Tomato Stacking Game – Stack tomato slices as big as a car tire on a central stem
  • Cantaloupe Slice – Lounge or rock along a comfy slice of melon
  • Celery Tunnel – it’s not just a vehicle for peanut butter!
  • Faucet + Running Water –  Get your fruits and veggies clean under the larger-than-life running faucet

Wobbleleand was developed as an art installation by artist Marisol Rendón in collaboration with The New Children’s Museum. The original themed exhibit, Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food, opened at The New Children’s Museum in October 2013.