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Measurement Rules

In the Garage for Summer 2017

Measurement is an essential part of our lives, but not always easy to understand. Gauge height, distance, mass and time using traditional - and not-so-traditional - tools and units. Learn the language of measurement and work with others to become a measuring wizard!

  • HOW TALL? See how tall you are in inches, stacked pennies and the length of your own foot. 
  • HOW FAR? Watch the yards add up as you walk and run on the Treadmill Odometer.   
  • HOW MANY? Step on the Chicken Scale to see how many chickens you weigh.

  • HOW SMALL? Measure and sort balls using rulers, calipers and gauges. Put balls in chutes to test your measurements.
  • HOW HEAVY? Even out a large Balance Scale to weigh various objects.
  • HOW MANY? Build three dimensional animals using cubic blocks.
  • HOW FULL? Fill shapes and explore volume at the Bead Table.