Children's Museum

Currently Closed

TapeScape 2.0

Through May 22, 2016

TapeScape 2.0 is open from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm each day. 

Experience the wonder and excitement of the unexpected use of materials in TapeScape 2.0. This play exhibit/art installation, designed by Eric Lennartson, uses more than 10 miles of packing tape stretched over steel frames to create twisting tunnels and curving walls for children to crawl through and explore.

This is a shoes off, socks on exhibit - no bare feet please!

TapeScape was originally developed at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota in Mankato, MN.

Read more about TapeScape designer Eric Lennartson.

Photos from TapeScape 2.0:

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  • 12728694_799701006808307_1713846299_n
  • 12729629_1039192449452490_1568979840_n
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  • 12747813_1730075403890774_1237828828_n
  • 12747832_1034668996572270_860374581_n
  • 12748153_964086343639385_1447997837_n
  • 12750015_1120964971255706_1851173087_n
  • 12751031_584862148344359_1994838848_n
  • 12751532_1674863819448327_814864480_n