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An artist resident instructs two young boys on a collaborative painting.

Artist Opportunities

Tough Art Artist Residency- Now Accepting Applications!

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh announces a call for artists for its annual Tough Art Artist Residency. The residency program invites artists to work in the museum to develop and create works that will be exhibited fall/winter 2018.

The Tough Art Program enables the Museum to expand its ever-growing collection of interactive artwork accessible to all.  Pieces are incorporated into the Children's Museum programs with direct impact on the visitor experience.  2018 will be the twelfth year of the Tough Art Program.

Over the course of the year, the Museum works with artists and invites them to participate with museum staff and visitors in a wide variety of ways to generate interactive fine artworks. The Tough Art exhibit of the artists' work opens in September during the Museum’s annual Year in Art celebration. 

For program details and how to submit an application, please see the download at the bottom of the page. Applications for the summer 2018 residency will be accepted through March 30, 2018.

Additional information on the program is available at: CMP Tough Art

Tough Artist 2017:

  • Arvid Tomayko and Hannah Thompson
  • Megan Flod Johnson
  • Shohei Katayama
  • Robert Zacharias

Past Tough Artists:

Nicholas Hanna
Anne Lilly
Stephen Malinowski
Nobuho Nagasawa

Danny Bracken
Rachel Buse
Ann Tarantino

Jenna Boyles
Jesse Kauppila and Dakotah Konicek
Lindsay Packer
Stephanie Ross

Chris Beauregard
Katie Ford
Scott Garner
Isla Hansen and Luke Loeffler

John Peña
Scott Andrew & Jonathan Armistead
Jeremy Boyle & Kevin Clancy
Will Schlough

Felipe Castelblanco
Jennifer Myers and Daniel Luchman
Zach Dorn
Christina Zaris

Agnes Bolt and Arthur Jones
Nova Jiang
Amanda Long
Blaine Siegel

Anneka Herre
Ian Ingram
Matt Mets
Jennifer Van Winkle

Ben Bigelow
David Butts
Rick Gribenas
Wendy Osher

Eileen Maxson
Joey Hayes
Greg Witt
Mat Barton

F.I.N.E. Art Residency

Fresh - Innovative - Nonstop - Expression

The F.I.N.E. Artist Residency series is a high-impact rotation of visual artists exhibiting their work and leading programs that introduce new and exciting art and art-making techniques to Museum visitors, staff and educators. 

Click here to learn more about the F.I.N.E. Artist Residency Program.

Previous F.I.N.E. Artists:


Michael David Battle

Ada Rajkovic

Emily Newman

Crystal Worl
Eric Lennartson
Alexandra Bodnarchuk
Slow Danger
Iris Gottlieb
Cecilia Ebitz
Telma Schultz

Brandt Wild
Hiromi Katayama
Felicia Cooper
Veronica Simmonds

Dalia Shevin
Zena Ruiz
Zany Umbrella Circus

Zach Dorn
Steffi Mayer-Staley
Tugboat Printshop
Attack Theatre
The Drift Crew 

Stacy Innerst
Bob Ziller
Kathryn Carr
Jennifer Myers
Tsawa Monks of Gaden Jangtse Monastery
Sister I’Asia
Kate Pfeil & Mark Barlow 

Wade Kramm
La Verne Kemp
Dick Esterle
Petra Falluaux
Laura Jean McLaughlin
Michael & Jade Corle
Sibel Deren Guler 

Joana Ricou
Bovery Lee
Schmutz Company
Ron Donoughe
John Miyazawa
Amisha Gadani
Scott Andrew, Adam Atkinson, and Michael McParlane
Mayumi Matsuo

Amanda Long
Amy Johnson & JULIACKS
Cara Lynn Kleid
James Maszle

The F.I.N.E. Art Residency is supported by the Fine Foundation.