Children's Museum

Mon-Sun 10am–5pm

An employee reading to children during Story Time


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Upon hire, positions require FBI, Acts 33 & 34 Clearances dated within one year of employment. 

Full-Time Position(s):

Action Housing Teaching Artist (Full-time Temporary)

A MAKESHOP Teaching Artist is a working artist and educator, who works with the MAKESHOP team (Manager, Coordinator, Teaching Artists, Educators, volunteers) to develop and facilitate creative, iterative making experiences at the intersection of the digital and/or the physical (e.g. activities focused on or combining disciplines such as sewing/fiber, woodworking/metal, media arts) with children, families, and organized groups. Click here to learn more about this position.


The custodian cleans inside and outside of the museum and assists the Facilities Manager with light maintenance to ensure the overall cleanliness and operational efficiency of the museum. Click here to learn more about this position.   

Part-Time Position(s):

Arts & Making Educator

Work in both the Art Studio and MAKESHOP spaces, facilitating creative processes and exploration of tools and materials. Help children and families discover, tinker, express themselves and try new things through traditional and contemporary art and making. Educators work as part of a collaborative team to create rich experiences for visitors of many ages, backgrounds, abilities and interests. Please submit a cover letter addressing your approach to learning and arts/making. Must be at least 18 and possess HS diploma or equivalent; undergraduate degree preferred. $8.00/hour. Click here to learn more about this position.

Educational Programs Specialist

This position is responsible for developing and facilitating creative and interactive educational programs (in-museum, in-school, camp, scout and school partnership). The Specialist will work with the Educational Programs Coordinator and the Educational Programs Assistant in the planning, organization and successful implementation of the Museum’s educational programs. He/she will also provide assistance to the Learning and Research Department (MAKESHOP, Studio, Gardens, Evaluations, etc.) as needed. Click here to learn more about this position.

Visitor Services Associates

Part-time to interact with visitors in both the admissions and exhibit areas, involving cash transactions, membership sales, guiding groups and exhibit monitoring. Associates present positive experiences with children and adults to ensure educative and creative involvement. Associates treat visitors with respect, communicating in a friendly and courteous manner by orienting and guiding visitors through the admissions process and exhibits areas. Customer service, retail and/or cash register experience preferred. Must be at least 18 and possess HS diploma or equivalent.  $8.00/hour. Click here to learn more about this position.

Cafe Server

Part-time to serve prepared foods to Museum visitors.  Servers are primarily responsible for greeting visitors, accepting payment and ensuring a worthwhile experience for visitors while at the Big Red Room Café.  Servers take customers’ orders in a timely, professional and friendly manner. Servers must follow health department standards and ensure that proper food handling procedures are followed at all times.  Servers ensure café area is clean (including tables and eating area), supplies (napkins, silverware, etc.) stocked and refilled as necessary.  Customer service or retail experience preferred.  $8.00/hour. Click here to learn more about this position.


Part-Time to perform a variety of food production tasks. Cook must maintain high standards of food production in a timely manner and ensure health department standards and proper food handling procedures are followed at all times.  Strong knowledge of food preparation and customer service required.  Must be at least 18 years of age.  $10/hour. Click here to learn more about this position.

Event Prep Staff

Part-time, casual hours to set up and tear down for evening and/or weekend events.  Must be able to work flexible hours and lift up to 40 lbs.

Festivals Worker

Part-time seasonal position for 0-20 hours a week.  Primarily responsible for facilitating educative and creative experiences with the community.  The Festivals Worker must engage the community positively and thoughtfully during hands on activities at festivals and promotional events that provide a museum presence and awareness in the Pittsburgh community.  The Festival Worker must positively and accurately represent the Children's Museum to vendors, external organizations, and the community. Customer service and experience with children is preferred.  Weekend availability required. Click here to learn more about this position.

Store Associates

Part-time, flexible hours for the Little Orange Store. Ideal candidate must be a reliable, people person with cash handling and retail experience. Current opening availability needs includes Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Must be at least 18 years old with HS or equivalent. $8.00/hour.  Click here to learn more about this position.


Part-time to clean the museum including vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping using industrial vacuum cleaners, emptying trash and cleaning restrooms.  Occasionally uses ladders to dust and wash walls, clean ceilings and dust and polish light fixtures.  Evening and/weekend hours required.  Must be at least 18 years of age and be able to perform heavy work.  At least moderate cleaning experience preferred. 

Birthday Party Hosts

Part-time to provide special programming and worthwhile experiences with visitors while in attendance at a birthday party. Host facilitates educative and creative experiences with general visitors, primarily birthday party attendees.  While interacting positively with visitors, hosts engage them in museum and party experiences such as creating art and/or projects. Hosts guide visitors’ party activities and encourage participation.  Hosts ensure party area is a safe, tidy, inviting to play and fun place to visit.  Hosts treat visitors with respect and friendly and courteous communication.  Customer service and experience with children preferred.  $8.00/hour. Click here to learn more about this position.