Rube Goldberg 2023 Machine Contest Live: Western PA Regionals

Join us to cheer on local student-led teams as they compete in the Rube Goldberg 2023 Machine Contest!

This live competition will showcase teams’ creativity and imaginations to transform a pile of junk into Rube Goldberg machines.

This year’s task?
How you build, stack and/or serve a Lunchables!
Watch the announcement video here.

The Contest Host is O’Ryan the O’Mazing and friends.

Our Special Guest Judge is Jennifer George, Chief Creative Officer of The Rube Goldberg Institute for Innovation and Creativity, and Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter.

A Rube Goldberg Machine® is made from found or discarded household items. These contraptions come from landfill, rather than contributing to it and are essentially green machines! The Institute is proud to offer the only STEM competition in the world that requires zero cost to build and participate. Anyone, anywhere, with nothing more than a pile of junk and a great imagination can build an award-winning Rube Goldberg Machine®. For more information about Rube Goldberg, visit The Rube Goldberg Institute of Innovation and Creativity.