Ryder Henry

Ryder Henry is a Pittsburgh-based sculptor and painter who explores aesthetics of city and community through the miniature sci-fi world. Embracing the daily observation and a sci-fi imagination, Ryder creates the intricate and futuristic miniature models with recycling materials, infusing silent models with a vibrant spirit, from broad patterns to deep details. He bridges the illusion between dreams and reality in both child and adult worlds.

art at the museum

Ryder was the 2019 Tough Artists at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. He created a 1:200 scale cardboard model of a spaceship. The reactor core and engine are housed in the middle, surrounded by three inner engineering rings. Encompassing those are three more outer rings.
This Compound Ringship would be large enough to furnish rewarding and engaging life experiences to thousands of people. They would never feel trapped or confined by the environment aboard their ship, whether it remains in the orbit of a particular planet or if it should undertake the voyage to some other world.

Compound Ringship, 2019

Untitled, 2019

ISM Compromise, 2019

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