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A girl stands weaving sticks and leaves between strings to make a sheet of natural materials.

Natural Weaving with Lindsey Scherloum

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June 29, 2018

Meet the Maker of Wattle Fence!

Last summer Lindsey Scherloum created Wattle Fence outside of the Museum. Now she returns to MAKESHOP to weave with natural materials, and to share about her making process. Join us to learn how to use sticks, twigs, and grasses to create baskets and mats using the coil technique. Then travel outside to explore Wattle Fence!

Lindsey Scherloum is an artist and museum educator living in Braddock, Pa. Her training in sculpture, building, and basket weaving inform her three dimensional works, while her environmental advocacy encourages us to think about production, consumption, and environmental stewardship. By involving everyone in the process of building with natural and living materials, she offers a different way of looking at Nature and it's transformative qualities.