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Artist Ashley Cecil specializes in paintings of flora and fauna that depict connections between the natural world and its human inhabitants. Her work includes collaborations close to home with several beloved Pittsburgh museums like the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, as well as far-flung adventures to biological oases like the Amazonian rainforest. Her artistic aim is to endear you to nature by making our scientific understanding of it relatable to everyday life.

art at the museum

Ashley was a guest artist at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in 2017, hosting a collage making workshop. The Charley Harper-inspired paper collages were created by kids and were hung on the outside of the artists’ windows to break up the reflection on glass that causes bird-window collisions. Ashley invited the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania to join this art and science workshop. They took kids out on mini birding walks and showed them how to log what they found on eBird.

ashley is offering

Commissions and lovely COVID Hand in Hand pieces are available.

During the chaos of the COVID-19 outbreak, Ashley and her oldest child have been collaboratively making coloring pages to share with friends who need to channel their quarantine emotions into art-making. Download and print their creations for yourself, and share and tag Ashley with your finished artwork on social media.

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