Manca Ahlin

Manca Ahlin is interested in the connection between architectural space and lace (its appearance and structure, material and decorative possibilities, etc.). Currently based in New York, Manca moves easily through several levels of scale in her lace fabrications, from jewelry pieces to large architectural installations. Being true to the traditional fabrication method of bobbin lace, Manca works with unconventional materials used in lieu of the thin thread – for various scales different materials are used from metal wire and cable to thick rope.

art at the museum

Manca Ahlin is currently working on the Gymlacium, which will transform the former Carnegie Library steel bookshelves (affectionately known as The Stacks) into a three-story artwork where you can climb, slide, swing and chill.

Cross a bridge, climb a ladder, climb up slopes, hang on a rope swing and lounge about as you explore a landscape unlike any other. Gymlacium features woven rope sections integrated throughout the structure of bookshelves of this former library. Manca weaves rope sections using traditional bobbin lace techniques that she learned as a child in Slovenia.

other work

                        Coffee!, 2017

                           Grapes and Olive Screen, 2017

                           Firefly, 2014

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