F.I.N.E. Artist Residency

Fresh. Innovative. Nonstop. Expression.

The F.I.N.E. Artist Residency series invited artists to exhibit their work and lead programs to introduce new and exciting art and art-making techniques to Museum visitors, staff and educators.

The program was intended to support emerging artists in their development, as well as give opportunities for established artists to the share their techniques with a wider audience.

Past F.I.N.E. Artists

Michael David Battle & Ada Rajkovic
Emily Newman

Dalia Shevin
Zena Ruiz
Zany Umbrella Circus

Zach Dorn
Steffi Mayer-Staley
Tugboat Printshop
Attack Theatre
The Drift Crew

Stacy Innerst
Bob Ziller
Kathryn Carr
Jennifer Myers
Tsawa Monks of Gaden Jangtse Monastery
Sister I’Asia
Kate Pfeil & Mark Barlow

Wade Kramm
La Verne Kemp
Dick Esterle
Petra Falluaux
Laura Jean McLaughlin
Michael & Jade Corle
Sibel Deren Guler

Joana Ricou
Bovery Lee
Schmutz Company
Ron Donoughe
John Miyazawa
Amisha Gadani
Scott Andrew, Adam Atkinson, and Michael McParlane
Mayumi Matsuo

Amanda Long
Amy Johnson & JULIACKS
Cara Lynn Kleid
James Maszle