our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.
Loris Malaguzzi

creator and developer of the Reggio Emilia Approach

tough art exhibit


The 2023 Tough Artists’ art work is now on exhibit
Meet the artists


Tough Art is an annual exhibit started in 2007 that showcases the work of artists who complete a summer residency at the Children’s Museum to prototype and create a new art work that children interact with and the art can withstand the rigor and enthusiasm of the interaction. It is one of the Museum’s longest running and most rewarding programs.

The program connects artists from all arts to the resources and visitors at the Children’s Museum. Selected artists generate and implement interactive, immersive and/or collaborative projects and connect the art-making process to the larger museum context and the museum visitor. Artists are tasked to make a direct impact on the visitor experience by creating an entirely new piece to be displayed in the Museum. Throughout the residency, artists prototype and evaluate their process to achieve the desired outcome. We believe the magic of the Tough Art residency comes from this on-the-floor prototyping, where children interact with the art.

Questions? Contact Lacey Murray, Art Exhibition and Residencies Manager, [email protected]

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tough art @ home

Duing the COVID pandemic, we transitioned our Tough Art residency to a virtual experience in Summer 2020. It yielded such interesting work that we continued it in 2021.

Selected artists created art-making activities related to and inspired by their artwork/process for people to engage with at home or wherever they might be.

Check out the projects:

past tough artists

Isaac Levine
Miranda Miller and Lumi Barron
Neil Mendoza

Danny Bracken
Rachel Buse
Ann Tarantino

Jenna Boyles
Jesse Kauppila and Dakotah Konicek
Lindsay Packer
Stephanie Ross

Chris Beauregard
Katie Ford
Scott Garner
Isla Hansen and Luke Loeffler

John Peña
Scott Andrew & Jonathan Armistead
Jeremy Boyle & Kevin Clancy
Will Schlough

Felipe Castelblanco
Jennifer Myers and Daniel Luchman
Zach Dorn
Christina Zaris

Anneka Herre
Ian Ingram
Matt Mets
Jennifer Van Winkle

Ben Bigelow
David Butts
Rick Gribenas
Wendy Osher