In order to best support educators, we offer Virtual Professional Development (VPD) experiences around arts and making that include hands-on making, thoughtful discussions and collaboration with other formal and informal educators. Act 48 hours available.

Past offerings have included:

Weaving and Geometry

Warp and weave alongside other educators and museum professionals and find ways to connect the process of weaving to geometry concepts. Experiment with a variety of warping and weaving techniques using different shaped looms and weaving patterns. It’s helpful, but not required, for participants to have a basic understanding of weaving.

Backyard STEAM

Learning happens all around, including outdoors! Let’s spend the afternoon outside (weather permitting) engaging in STEAM learning experiences. We will take time to notice the world around us and how many aspects of nature can inspire opportunities for STEAM education.

The intent of this professional development is to encourage participants to engage from an outdoor location. There will be built-in time to step away from the screen and explore nature.

Computational Thinking Unplugged

Explore low-tech and low-budget ways to introduce computational thinking to a variety of audiences. Try a variety of fun and expressive techniques and exercises to start thinking like a computer, without using one. Join museum professionals to engage in a variety of activities that can be done away from a keyboard.

If you have any questions or would like information on registration grants, please contact [email protected].