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My Snarky Valentine: A 21+ Event at MuseumLab

MuseumLab Program

February 6, 2020

This annual event is back for another night of snark! This time, we're taking the fun to MuseumLab, the newly renovated building across from the Children's Museum.

Follow your heart and join us for an evening of food, drink and amore. And sass. We provide the making, you decide if your valentine will be snarky or scandalous. 


  • Make a shrinky dink for yourself! Shrink your art, not your feelings.
  • Woodburn a design on a wooden keychain.
  • Grab a friend and practice blind contour portrait drawing! Also practice your long, awkward eye-contact skills. 
  • No one to give you a Valentine? Make your own!
  • Explore embroidery - sometimes stabbing something over and over again with a needle is just what the doctor ordered.


  • Meet some cute and cuddly new friends from The Humane Animal Rescue
  • Practice your first date banter in the SLB recording pod.
  • Have any clothes that need mending? Bring them and learn mending techniques from Old Flame Mending! They'll mend anything but a broken heart.
  • Need a new Tinder profile picture? We've got a green screen for that. 
  • Marie Kondo your life - bring in your ex’s old tees and records and we'll donate them to Thriftique.
  • What to do with your old bridesmaid dresses? We'll take those too and donate to Project Prom.
  • Don't want to go home alone? Check out a book from the library! Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will be here with a curated selection of books to take on a blind date!


$15 for Museum members and students

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